We’re opening up access to investing tools previously only available to the ultra-wealthy.

That’s what democratizing investing really looks like.

Repool is a company founded by regular people for regular people. We believe that everyone should have fair access to the same investing opportunities. Our model doesn’t rely on selling data, payment for order flow, or transaction fees. You, not institutions, are our customers.
And that’s important.


Between the two of us, we’ve been at 6 different startups on journeys from as early as 5 growing to 15 to 50 growing to 500.

We think a lot about the impact of culture and values on a company’s outcomes, and from day one we’re being extremely intentional about creating a respectful workplace with a focus on passion, impact, and collaboration.

Leadership Team

Kevin Fu

Former trusted trader in a paid trading Discord. Previously Head of Revenue @ Vitally. @ Mapbox. University of Southern California.

Justin Carrao

Former retail daytrader, now passive investor in search of better options. Previously Lead Engineer @ Brex. @ BuildZoom. Duke University.

We are passionate retail investors that combine over 10 years of experience at rapidly growing, successful startups backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley.

We don’t see how it’s fair that the ultra-wealthy have access to investing options that regular people don’t, and we’re building to change that.

Join our team as a founding employee.

Together, we can build better financial access for all. Come and have a profound day-to-day impact at work while changing people’s financial futures. Based in New York City.