aspiring Hedge fund creatorS

Creating a fund has never been this easy before

Near zero costs to get started, near zero costs over time, and zero worries about anything except for trading. Repool is your end to end hedge-fund-in-a-box.  Accept investors and trade worry free.

How much can I make as a fund manager?

Set your own fund fee structure.  A typical fund charges a management fee and/or performance fee around 2% and 20%, respectively.  However, any variation is possible.

As long as your investors are okay with them, so are we.

Hedge funds shouldn't just be for the elite. They should be for us.

Until now, only institutional players created funds.  Hedge funds are expensive and complex to set up and run.  However, it’s actually possible in many states for anyone to run a fund if navigated correctly.

Repool is built to take care of all the barriers and give you a completely compliant, legal, and institutional-grade hedge fund of your own.
*Restrictions may apply based on your location and fund size.
step 1

Set up your fund structure

Determine parameters like the name, expected size of the fund, type of investors in the fund, location, etc.

step 2

Do nothing. Repool sets up the fund

Once approved, we start working right away on creating an institutional grade fund on your behalf – filing the paperwork, registering the fund, automating compliance and accounting, etc..

step 3

Start trading

Easily accept investors into your fund and start trading like you always do.

Lightning fast. Dead simple. 

Once your fund is approved by our team, we’ll do the hard work.  Repool is not involved in the ownership of the fund at all – it’s yours, through and through.  Our platform will automatically manage all aspects of compliance, reporting, auditing, administration, accounting, and taxes; we’ll handle everything other than the trading.

Your fund. Your rules.

There is no requirement to be full-time with your fund so long as your investors are okay with it.  Stay in your career, or build till you’re ready to go full time. Continue being active in your paid trading community, twitter, etc.  It’s up to you.  Over time, and if you succeed, you could even start to attract traditional institutional investors – if you want to!  Across the board, you’re in control.

What does it cost?

Our licensing is the cheapest solution on the market by several orders of magnitude, and is billed quarterly to the fund and all LPs in the fund as an expense, making fund formation extremely affordable.  

Unlike other platforms, Repool does not take any stake in your fund, or any fee share.  For funds that charge a performance based fee, it’s all yours to keep.  It’s a simple, transparent, and fair model. 

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