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There are better traders out there than you. Why not let them trade for you? Reap the returns of active investing with the time commitment of passive investing.
Passive Repool Investing
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Passive Investing

Access an exclusive investment class.

Traditional passive investing generates low returns.. Active investing is high risk and time consuming.

The solution?, Passive, market-beating returns via private funds. Absolutely no manual trading required. Repool is opening up access to hedge funds for you. For the rest of us.

Safety and security are our top priorities.

Rest easy knowing that your investment is secure with Repool. We implement controls to ensure that the only thing that fund managers can do is trade the money you invest.

Funds are secured in FDIC insured bank accounts and we leverage an institutional-grade prime broker.

step 1

Invest in an institutional-grade hedge fund

Once invited and approved by a fund manager, Repool securely transfers your funds to a FDIC insured brokerage account.*
step 2

Do nothing. Watch your returns.

Repool provides easy access to checking on the status of your investment.
step 3

Live your life

The world is slowly returning to normal, and you should enjoy it. Go do what you love.

*Minimum investment sizes may apply.

How it works.

Once invited and approved by the manager of the fund you’d like to invest in, Repool will securely and safely transfer your money to a FDIC insured bank account that can only be used to disburse money to investors or trade with on a brokerage. Our app will allow you to track fund performance and handle year-end taxes and forms for you to easily file. Once a quarter, you’ll have the option to modify your position in a fund.

What does it cost?

Investing in a fund created by Repool doesn’t bear any additional costs.  You’ll simply pay the typical fees associated with a hedge fund.

Fund expenses, at the discretion of the fund manager, are typically either (a) proportionally amortized to all investors over a 12 to 24 month period, or (b) paid for by the fund manager directly. 

In either case, fees are minimal and incremented out over a long period.

*Exact management fees and performance fees may vary depending on the fund manager, fund size, and fund location.

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