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Decentralized is good, but not for fund services. Repool is the centralized platform for all the fund services you need.

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Next gen fund launch for next gen assets

Crypto funds have unique challenges and complexity that traditional providers charge an arm and a leg for or can’t handle at all. Repool can.


100% digital asset coverage and industry-leading automation

Automation-supported accounting means faster, more accurate NAV reporting, keeping you and your investors happy and hassle-free.

More automation.

Less problems.

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“Way more responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with compared to any other fund services team we talked to. They get it.”


Defi Digital Asset Fund

Why crypto fund managers choose Repool

Tech forward and affordable

Your web3 fund shouldn't have a web1 management and investor experience. We've got you.

Wide crypto asset support

Many traditional fund services players aren't built to handle crypto, much less defi. We are.

We know what matters to you

Repool is unique with our specific focus on emerging managers, not long-time players.

Enter Repool

One Platform to Rule Them All

Formation & Offering Docs

Entity creation and customizable private placement memorandum (“PPM”), entity operating agreements, and fund subscription documents.

Compliance & Filings

Exempt or registered fund registration, training, policies, and relevant fund filings (blue sky and Form ADV).

Crypto Admin & Banking

Crypto specific admin and accounting with frequent NAV and GAAP financials.  Oh – and crypto fund banking too.

Investor Relations & Tax

Digital offering document execution, investor KYC, general investor support, and Schedule K-1 tax form prep.

Cloud Platform

Everything wrapped into a modern, seamless web platform loved by fund managers and their investors alike.


Common crypto fund-in-a-box topics


Plans for any type of crypto fund

crypto fund

Spot crypto only on supported exchanges or protocols.

Starting at $20,000 per year

crypto fund

Strategies involving yield farming, staking, NFTs, ICOs, or SAFTs.

Starting at $30,000 per year

Onshore-offshore master-feeder fund

Simple or complex strategies that involve Cayman or BVI entities.

Pricing may vary materially depending on your facts and circumstances, including, but not limited to, the number of advisors in the fund, the types of assets traded, and the number of states investors are based in. *There may be additional startup fees not associated with Repool. Contact us to discuss further.

Point solutions

Don't need it all? Check out our fund administration services

If you already have other service providers, or if you’re unhappy with your existing fund administrator experience, Repool provides a modern alternative to traditional fund services providers.

Crypto Administration
& Accounting

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Fund Administration & Accounting

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Built for you, whoever you are

No matter what asset you trade and no matter whether it’s your first or fiftieth fund, onshore or offshore, Repool makes it easy.

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