Warp - Digital Fund Closing

Streamline subscriptions. Reduce friction. Impress LPs.

No more PDFs.  Repool’s industry-leading, modern fund closing software lets your investors accurately subscribe in just minutes.


Repool's universal subscription flow is suitable for funds and LPs of all kinds.


The average LP subscribes in less than 10 minutes with a 90% reduction in mistakes.


SOC 1 and 2 compliant with all investor data encrypted at rest.


A better way of handling subscriptions

Reduce LP confusion and error-rate while increasing the completion rate and speed of completion for subscriptions.

You: One-click invite

Easily configure terms or share class and send LP invites.

security you can count on

Industry-standard SOC I and SOC II compliance

Software run on Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud

Legally valid digital subscriptions and side letters

You and your investors' data is safe and secure with us


Best-in-class investor experience for best-in-class funds


Repool works alongside any existing admin

Not using Repool for fund administration? No problem - we can integrate in with your existing administrator and/or law firm's processes.

delight your lps

Fast and robust investor onboarding

Investors love using Repool’s onboarding to reduce paperwork and standardize their process. Document, ID, and W9/W8 upload all seamlessly integrated along industry-leading global KYC/AML.

Integrate with your admin

Seamlessly upgrade your existing admin experience

Managing LPs comes with hiccups, end of story. Where other providers are MIA or slow to respond, we’re on deck to assist you and your investors.

"The Repool guys have been great to work with. They're always on the ball so we can focus on fundraising and trading without distractions."

NY Emerging Manager
Digital Asset Fund

'Repool's digital investor software is incredibly convenient for our investors. It's been way easier onboarding compared to our first fund."

CO Fund Manager
Quant long/short fund


Warp - Digital Fund Closing

Warp is a standalone software solution that streamlines fundraising/fund closing and investor onboarding.


Overage Fee$50/subscription
  • Minimum contract length1 year

What's included

10 included before overage fee
Landing Page
Data Expoort
Add ons

506(c) Verification


$100/verification attempt

Repool handles 506(c) accreditation verification for all investor types, onshore and offshore.

Want to delight your LPs?


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